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Financial management

CCAFM management consulting business features: 
• For promoting the customer value, helping strategic realization.starting from the customer demand ,CCAFM combine international advanced management experience, and Chinese national conditions, fitting the industries and enterprise management features, provides enterprise earnestly available financial management solutions. 

• Accumulated over twenty years of service for enterprise management consulting experience. CCAFM is familiar with Chinese enterprise survival environment, knows enterprise operation and management features, understands the financial management of an enterprise needs and the project objectives, can provide enterprises with targeted and operational financial management advisory services. 

• Relying on the strategy, organization process, human resources, merger restructuring and informatization construction, management consulting service platform, providing enterprise financial management for strategic systematic solution. 

• CCAFM financial management consulting service content includes architecture, design, implementation, training assist, and provides enterprise integrative professional service, can maximize the security advisory service achievements.

CCAFM core superiority 
1.Experience advantage 
In the three areas of information planning, informatization selection and implementation of supervision of party a consultation, comprehensive budget performance management system implementation, CCAFM has built a lot of successful cases by dedicated, professional consulting services .CCAFM possesses the professional experience significant advantage. 

2. Resource advantage 
CCAFM has nearly 100 consultants. Team scale, consultant of composite professional background and experience, integration collaborative operation management and successful experience of the information consulting areas constitute the characteristic resource advantage. 

3. Reputation advantage 
Through a lot of financial management consulting experience accumulation and advanced management ideas, CCAFM sumarized advanced and mature, workable methodology in accounting, finance management, and overall budget, management reporting, has established a rich knowledge library. 

4. Knowledge dominance 
CCAFM has nearly 100 consultants. Team scale, consultant of composite professional background and experience, integration collaborative operation management and successful experience of the information consulting areas constitute the characteristic resource advantage.

CCAFM enterprise financial management system 
Facing the increasingly diversified interest bodies and changing external environment, the financial management of an enterprise must balance "house-keeper" and "planners" two big roles, it is core of the balance of enterprise financial management consulting model.  
Around the financial management of an enterprise, the balance value model summary formed leading consulting enterprise financial management practice four hierarchical structure framework.

The CCAFM services - enterprise financial management planning  
Enterprise financial management planning is the tactics of enterprise financial strategy, is the enterprise financial management system, the construction program. Relying on the integration consulting platform ,with rich Chinese enterprise financial management project experience, for the customer response strategy needs, reflect industrial characteristics, CCAFM provides adaptive enterprise control mode of financial management planning advisory services. 

1. CCAFM financial management planning balance structure 
The consultation of financial management planning services based on enterprise industry and management features, design financial management framework and realization scheme servicing in enterprise strategic blueprint. 
The consultation financial management planning content structure as shown in figure: 
Enterprise group of financial management organization, work level responsibilities and grassroots financial organizations exist certain differences. Group financial organization positioning planning should base on the building four service centers, serving group value maximization. 

2.CCAFM financial management planning methodology 
After years of accumulated experience, CCAFM summaries financial management planning must be implemented systematic, balanced, forward-looking and adaptability . To understand the enterprise strategy of financial management, planning consulting work must be sure to support strategic localization and value contribution of financial management, then respectively determine the construction of eight content module blueprint. Through comparing the status quo and blueprint of each module, determine the direction of financial management perfect steps, and design strategies.

The CCAFM services - accounting and financial information system 
Accounting is the enterprise financial foundation work. With providing information for enterprise financial management and even the comprehensive management of enterprise,CCAFM provides information sharing center to establish accounting system for carrying financial management and the important task of providing information, and is the cornerstone of enterprise financial management system. 

1, CCAFM accounting system structure 
Service in management of the business enterprise accounting system should be facing enterprise strategy, choose accounting model to adapt to enterprise control features, and collect and provide more accurate, rich and timely accounting information is the jumping-off place. 
The CCAFM accounting system advisory services to constant, standardization and operational principle, includes the following four sections:  

2, CCAFM accounting methodology 
Accounting mode and accounting information 
The consultation starts from analysis enterprise control model of enterprise accounting mode tochoose the best mode. Starting with the financial information sharing center comb enterprise subject and responsibility unit, all kinds of information caliber such as accountant course. Complementary with information encoding rules design, help to improve information sharing efficiency. 

The accounting policies and accounting process 
With mature methodology,CCAFM will assist enterprise complete the basic work of accounting policy choice. Standard process is the key to realize financial control. CCAFM help enterprise comb and standardize enterprise accounting process by clearing control target ,perfecting risk response .. Enterprise in different industries types through the design key point and control factors cohesion and norms.

The CCAFM services - comprehensive budget management system 
Comprehensive budget management is a management tool to realize strategic target. It reflects objectives and plans of all business activities and forms concrete and systematically number,in order to control and manage the operation. 

1. CCAFM comprehensive budget management system
Comprehensive budget management coverage more widely than accounting and financial category. It covers enterprise production, operation and management overall platform, it is the common language and communication channel to build enterprise " ziggurats" . 

Comprehensive budget management is not simply predict feedback and from grassroots, either gathered from superior orders issued. Budget combine s top-down guide, arrangement, and bottom-up prediction, feedback, it is a  combination of optimum allocation, the dynamic control system timely deal with to achieve enterprise strategy, it is the ultimate goal. 

The budget management not only simply emphasize revenue, profit and independent index, but the enterprise value management system, to pursue return on investment efficiency as the core.  

2. The value of overall budget management system 
In the CCAFM budget management system,the budget goal goes top-down decomposition and fluctuation, then strategic goals are to be target index. Therefor enterprise will form enterprise support system with strategic goal combined with responsibility unit. 

The responsibility of each internal unit budget includes both management budget forecast, and operating results, is realizing the goal of the annual budget work plan. Responsible budget will strategic target control practically.
Relying on the budget ,authorization system and management reporting system is to realize the dynamic analysis, timely strategic control security system. 

Budget examination aggrandizement provide the basis for scientific performance management. 

3. CCAFM comprehensive budget management methodology 
The CCAFM budget management system including five modules.

CCAFM financial consulting service
1. Financial organization and performance management system 
Financial organization in addition to the general sense of goods department, post design and responsibilities arrangement ,should also include the financial bodies (accounting subject and internal responsibility units) design. Enterprise and organization operating performance is the important content of evaluation and management.Financial information provide the scientific basis for the performance evaluation.Operational performance and management also need financial data for the pilot.  

CCAFM core advantage 
Relying on the strategy broading vision and the integration platform by professional consultation, CCAFM comb and optimize financial work organization and financial body. According to years of management experiences,CCAFM can breakthrough the pure financial consulting level,and deep in enterprise level value creation chain , then assist enterprises manage performance from the angle of business chain.   

2. Risk management and decision support system 
To ensure the realization of enterprise strategy, financial management should not just focus on the supervision of financial wrong disadvantages,and the internal control system construction is also not confined to in the closed financial field. CCAFM summarized consulting years of service experience, and formed "risk management roadmap" as implementation methodology.This methodalogy starts from risk identification and evaluation, ultimately implement on the operating specifications and standards of each control links. 

Decision support system for enterprise specific information support, must also meet two requirements: abundant information timely, and can satisfy various aspects of manager decision needs; Standard enterprise information using caliber, consistent foundation information caliber. Refering "data dictionary" principle, CCAFM combs and regulates enterprises related information.  

CCAFM core advantage 
CCAFM fuses enterprise strategy management horizons and financial work, to provide enterprises solution with the overall situation, targeted and executive management, operation integration scheme. 

3. Resource allocation and corporate finance 
Investment in the field of which can bring value growth, maximizing the use efficiency of cash and capital , is the key to realize enterprise value growth. CCAFM will design enterprise resource allocation scheme with "the maximization of enterprise value".

CCAFM core advantage 
With the comprehensive utility optimal and enterprise value growth concept,CCAFM focuses on providing customer the global change solution. CCAFM will not be limited to a single fund management scheme design, but to provide corporate finance total solution.

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