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Risk management and internal control

With "enhancing risk management scientificly, realizing enterprise development healthy" as the tenet, CCAFM is commited to assist enterprises to establish beforehand - matter - afterwards three-dimensional overall risk management system.

CCAFM risk management advisory services mainly includes: overall risk management system design (including risk management functions, processes, risk identification model, risk evaluation model and risk management report design etc); Professional fields risk management solutions (including strategy, market, operations, finance, law and other risk management solutions); Internal control system construction (including internal control evaluation, internal control scheme and system design, internal control system test runs, etc.).                         

With "internal control management information system" for support, CCAFM provides enterprises with curing internal control information solution.

The development and growth of enterprises put forward higher requirement of risk control  
Enterprise in different stage of the life cycle, face different levels of risk challenges, therefore, in the process of the development of enterprises to keep a wary eye on the threat of risk.
"We always increase yield, reduce waste, copy business model, lower the cost of process, or greater risk of existence, but the risk is often lead to the root cause of our failure.

                           - North America obtains consulting company President David. William

The enterprise exists in growth due to their duty of differences cause and the quality of talents "growth syndrome", facing such risks as diversified industrial low maturity, much merger purchase behavior but inappropriate control, obvious intersected functional management, enterprises urgently need to adopt appropriate way to ascend control ability, form enterprise "self immune mechanism". 
Our regulators have on the listed company internal control and risk management request

With risk management as the guidance establishing an internal control system 
Through the study CCAFM found: now internal control and risk management has developed to mutual confluence stage, namely the traditional internal control and risk management mutual reference, mutual penetration, tending to fusion, and paying more attention to the systematic and comprehensive stage.

CCAFM risk control system framework

Enterprise risk control management status and measures outlined 


• internal control implementation work exists certain blindness, enterprises conduct internal control passively to meet regulatory requirements

• control system or process Settings are not critical control points, result in high costs in the executing process, but did not see results

• enterprise control environment is weak, largely influences the implementation effect of internal control

• simply focus on the construction of internal control systems, ignoring the implementation of the internal supervision, causing inadequate enforcement

• lack of internal control of information system, executive monitor caused by internal control hard to come by


• infusing advanced concepts of risk management and internal control, change meeting regulatory requirements to promoting the management foundation, expand from internal drive to variable drive outside

• to risk evaluation oriented, identify key control points, embedded the internal control into business and management activities seamless, blend risk and control concept into their daily work, and give full play to the overall effect

• control environment as a foundation, with internal control model, organization design, human resources and overall budget consulting ,tamp enterprise management foundation superiority  

• establish internal control system supervision mechanism, and through the performance assessment to strengthen internal control into the supervision and evaluation, perfect gradually improve execution in the continuing assessment and monitoring of internal control system,

• implementing internal control management information system, through information technology to promote the identification, relevant information communicate with internal control system and process, strengthen the executive monitoring

CCAFM risk control system design theory

CCAFM risk control system implementation methodology

Three phases, six procedures:

1.status evaluation scope: five elements, two dimensions

Evaluation content: the son of five elements of internal control elements

Assessment dimensions: design and operation 
1, effectiveness of the internal control design: 
If the necessary internal control factors to realize control target exist and design properly?

2, effectiveness of the internal control operation:
If the existing internal control system according to specified procedures got implemented correctly?

2. improving risk assessment management system 
• by identifying and analyzing risks,risk assessment can get the default goal ,which is the  foundation of determining control activities; 
• risk identification refers to consider the external and internal factors, find the fisks which affects the relization of goals; 
• risk analysis refers to estimate the impact of realizing the goal ,assess possibility of the risks occur; 
• risk management mechanism including risk management system consummation, risk management process design and risk management reporting framework design three tasks.        

3.constructing perfect internal control environment, laying solid management foundation 
• control environment is the basic elements in all other internal control component
• constituted of actions,policies and procedures of supreme management authorities, director and business owners to control and control the overall attitude of enterprise importance and perfect internal control activities 

• according to the enterprise management orientation, accountability system, business characteristics and existing processes and systems, determine the key control activities, optimize the key processes, clarify the key points, establish perfect control measures. 
•in control activity, focus on contact between control and risk assessment process, the appropriate ways of control activities and its implementation, the execution of policy and management instructions,and pertinence of control activities. (especially for information system control).

5.combing information and smoothing communication
According to the enterprise information characteristics, comb information such as categories and content ,make the summary sheet of information flow, meet the enterprise internal information quality requirements and application requirements.

6.strengthening supervision and improve security work orderly development
Combining control measures, through clarifying requirements and method of improving supervision,design and improve related template, ensure enterprise internal control supervision and improvement orderly conduct.

Internal control system construction – assist enterprises to implement information system

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